Dubway West Studios

Los Angeles


On the music scene for over 30 years, Dubway Studios is a premiere audio facility located in downtown Los Angeles - A testimony to the collective experience, expertise, and creativity of our staff. Take advantage of great acoustic spaces, world-class digital and analog capabilities, vintage/modern instruments, and most importantly - our engineers.

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Beyond the musicality of our engineers, Dubway has relationships with many of Los Angeles finest session musicians, producers, and arrangers. Should your project benefit from their participation, say the word, and we’ll secure the necessary skills.


Remote participation in recording sessions at Dubway is possible via ISDN, Source Connect, and Skype technologies.


Dubway works in conjunction with awarding winning composers whose work has been featured on TV shows, features, and indy films. In instances where live ensembles are required to record the music, Dubway can hire musicians and produce the sessions. Otherwise, go midi and access our extensive sample library.


In-session video recording is available while you’re recording your project. Often a requirement for college or program auditions, use it for documentation, behind the scenes, or promotional material. For greater Los Angeles location recording, let Dubway Studios come to you.


Dubway has surged into the remote recording field with over 100 live sessions on location for VH1, MTV, iTunes, and others. Our high-end approach & can-do attitude have made us a mainstay of regular productions for television & internet music video broadcasts.

Professional multi-tracking at live concerts, sound-stages, or site-critical venues typifies Dubway's activities in this specialized and demanding realm of recording.


One of the most important and least understood links in the recording process, mastering involves a variety of technical processes (EQ, compression, limiting, etc.) used to increase the apparent loudness of final mixes, sonically enhance them, and implementing optimum algorithms for mp3 & AAC compression. 

Dubway is well-versed in the subtleties of the mastering arts. Whether unifying all the compositions on an eclectic compilation album, prepping files for download. Dubway offers mastering expertise at a very competitive price.


Al Houghton first opened Dubway Studios in the infamous Music Building (NYC) across from the Port Authority Bus Station in the mid-eighties. Word quickly spread about the lone engineer in a tiny studio who conjured up amazing sounds using only one blown speaker and a beat-up four-track. In the thirty years hence, Al’s culture of client rapport, creative input, and technical excellence have been imprinted on a studio that is an oasis of talent, experience, and expertise. Having expanded through two facilities, the third and most versatile home of Dubway Studios now houses an entire staff of creative, collaborative experts who look forward to bringing your project to life.

After a decade in a band’s rehearsal room (a former button warehouse in Hell’s Kitchen), Al moved to Chelsea, enlisting Chris Bowman to to implement a beautiful studio build-out, with architect John Storyk’s expertise. Dubway evolved from a one-man operation to a staffed enterprise and Al partnered with Mike Crehore (a fellow Music Building denizen) shortly afterward. The following 14 years saw Dubway expand into TV, film, audiobooks, remote recordings, and crystallized the ethic and creativity of the original shop into a breeding ground of talent and camaraderie.

In 2011, Dubway moved to its current downtown location, with an expanded live room for ensemble tracking. Mike Crehore took the construction of the new Main Floor studios in hand, focusing 25 years of studio and building experience into an ergonomic and versatile multi-room experience. Moving a studio is no simple task, but thanks to Dubway’s ever-energized, stalwart, and resourceful crew, we did it. (This time, more challenging than the half a dozen sweltering July trips in Jim Santo’s van that got Dubway from Hell’s Kitchen to Chelsea - but just as exciting.)

As Dubway expands more deeply into the media arts, including games, apps, and educational tools, the smarties there continue to keep Dubway’s core of care and creativity vibrant.

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Our New Facility...

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The design of Dubway's fourth and newest facility reflects 30 years of studio experience, with an emphasis on versatility, acoustics, and style.

The studio boasts an impressive 1000 square foot footprint, and 14-foot ceilings – a beautiful tracking space, ideal for large ensembles. Minutes from the arts district in downtown Los Angeles.

The facility includes three control rooms, interlinked via audio and video to allow for complete flexibility with recording, editing, and mixing. Sleek architectural design and contemporary art throughout make it a bright and engaging place to work.


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Dubway Studios
1424 Newton St, Los Angeles, CA 90021, United States


(747) 221-9448‬

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Console / Protools


Protools 12 HD


Audient ASP8024 -  36 Channel, In-Line console. Fully upgraded with Heritage Edition Preamps.


32 I/O Antelope Orion HD Conversion - BlackLion Modded


Avid Artist Mix -  Control Surface. 


Universal Audio OCTO core Card


Universal Audio Twin QUAD




WA-1176 (2)


WA-LA2A (2)


WA-1073 (2)

Littlelabs VOG


Fredenstein Artistic MicPre



TB-12 Tonebeast Preamp


JDK R22 Master Bus Comp


Carnhill VTB2281 - Neve Output Transformer


1073 Preamp & EQ (2)


WAEQP (Pultec) (2)


1956 Vintage Ampex 351 Preamp


4 Channels of Warm Audio 412 - API Style Preamp. 


KT Pultec EQ (2)


RE-501 Roland Chorus Echo


STAM 4000G Bus Compressor


Tech 21 Geddy Lee SansAmp


Powerplay 16 Personal Cue System - 7 Personal Mixers


Radial DI (8)


POD HD Pro X Multi-Effects Processor




Adam A77x - Pair


Yamaha NS10M Studio Edition - Pair


Amphion One15’s - Pair


Avantone Mix Cube






AKG C414 (3)


AKG D112 (2)


Shure Beta52 (2)


AKG C451eb (2)


Audio-Technica AT3528 (2) 


Beyerdynamic M422n (2) 


Electro-Voice RE20


Neumann U87 (4, consecutive serial #s)


Røde Classic II


Røde NT5 (2)


Røde NTR (3) 


Royer R-121 (2)


Sennheiser MD 421-II (3)


Shure SM-57 (4)


Shure SM-58 (4) 


Audix i5 (4)


Shure Beta 98 (3)


Shure Beta 57


Shure Beta 91 (2)


Cascade Fathead2 Ribbon (2)


Telefunkin m60 Microphone (2)


T.Bone Tube Microphone (C12 Replica)




Korg MS2000


Fender P-Bass


Gibson, Les Paul Gold top, 1957 Custom Shop


Vintage Fender Rhodes - Fully Restored


Fender Toronado, Red Stripe


Gibson Les Paul Studio


Lazy J Custom Guitar Amplifier

Divided by 13 -  FTR 37


Vox Guitar Amplifier

Yamaha CP40 Stage 88 Key Weighted Piano


Kawai Upright piano


Farfisa Compact CC23


Yamaha P-155 digital piano


Yamaha S-80 keyboard


Oberheim TVS-1 


Moog Liberation 

SJC Custom Kit


Pearl Drum Kit (Late 70's!)

Cajone & other hand percussion


Danelectro customized baritone guitar


Gibson ‘The Paul’ guitar


Kemper Profiling Amplifier


Tech 21 Geddy Lee SansAmp 


Collections of Guitar pedals/Accessories





UAD - Fully Loaded


Waves Complete - Plugins


FabFilter Complete - Plugins 


Slate Complete - Plugins


Large collection of third party Plugins. 




4 Floor Wedges / Allen and Heath Zed Mixer (For Rehearsals)