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What We Do...


Beyond the musicality of our engineers, Dubway has relationships with many of Los Angeles finest session musicians, producers, and arrangers. Should your project benefit from their participation, say the word, and we’ll secure the necessary skills.


Remote participation in recording sessions at Dubway is possible via ISDN, Source Connect, and Skype technologies.


Dubway works in conjunction with awarding winning composers whose work has been featured on TV shows, features, and indy films. In instances where live ensembles are required to record the music, Dubway can hire musicians and produce the sessions. Otherwise, go midi and access our extensive sample library.


In-session video recording is available while you’re recording your project. Often a requirement for college or program auditions, use it for documentation, behind the scenes, or promotional material.

For greater Los Angeles location recording, let Dubway Studios come to you.


Dubway has surged into the remote recording field with over 100 live sessions on location for VH1, MTV, iTunes, and others. Our high-end approach & can-do attitude have made us a mainstay of regular productions for television & internet music video broadcasts.

Professional multi-tracking at live concerts, sound-stages, or site-critical venues typifies Dubway's activities in this specialized and demanding realm of recording.


One of the most important and least understood links in the recording process, mastering involves a variety of technical processes (EQ, compression, limiting, etc.) used to increase the apparent loudness of final mixes, sonically enhance them, and implementing optimum algorithms for mp3 & AAC compression. 

Dubway is well-versed in the subtleties of the mastering arts. Whether unifying all the compositions on an eclectic compilation album, prepping files for download. Dubway offers mastering expertise at a very competitive price.